Stanhaven is a cluster housing development with stands of generous proportions, where you can create your own transformation from city stress to pastoral tranquillity.

Originally called Sunrise Village, the name Stanhaven was believed to be more descriptive of the lifestyle and atmosphere of this small slice of heaven and so the new name was adopted in 2014.

Life on Stanhaven is all you might expect it to be; fresh air and space in abundance in a setting that is quite beyond compare anywhere in the Overberg.

Wake up to a young bokmakierie practising his call (as all young bokmakieries have to learn their call, unlike other birds) and discover that he’s only a metre or so from your bedroom window.

Enjoy your early morning coffee on a patio that has the Kleinrivierberge as your ever-present sentinel and watch the Fish Eagles in their early morning capers over the peaks of the mountain and swooping down again to one of the farm dams in the foreground.

Walk your dogs along one of the many gently winding paths and watercourses, all with indigenous shrubs and trees and watch the guinea fowl scamper out of your way.  Stroll down one of the paths to the riverside, eyes peeled for the prize of a porcupine quill discarded from foraging at night for roots and bulbs.

Savour the quiet, the unhurried life and leisure of Stanhaven, where time for oneself and family at a pace you choose in a home that befits these parts, is all that seems to matter.

Celebrate the fact that you made the wise choice of claiming your slice of Stanhaven and begin a wonderful new chapter in your life.