At Stanford you will discover a small Victorian village with the gentle rhythm of a steamboat and the sounds of folk at peace with themselves and with each other.

Stanfordians attach great importance to food and wine, and there is no shortage of fine restaurants that are kept busy catering to high expectations, and delivering upon those, as some of our restaurants have won national and international acclaim.

There are no fewer than seven wine estates in the greater Stanford area and Stanford recently launched its own wine-tasting route.

Cheese and wine go together, as we know, and Stanford has a cheese factory that seems to notch up one gold award after another and a visit there is always time well spent.

A walking tour of Stanford is a great way to discover the many delights it has to offer, from the original homestead of Sir Robert Stanford from the late 18th century to the riverside where it is possible to book a river cruise on one of a few river craft. In summer, a sunset cruise is especially delightful.

Take a step back for a moment and watch the children of Stanford at play; our “free range kids” who enjoy a lifestyle and freedom only some of us were able to many years ago. They appear to be irrepressibly cheerful and abundantly healthy; what a great start to adulthood!

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